SPR sensor chip

Sensor chips

We provide normal grade 2D and high-grade 2D/3D sensor chips
as well as reagents for immobilization of biomolecules

SPR sensor chip

Normal grade

2D (평면) 센서 칩

Carboxylic (COOH) sensor chip

Biotinylated sensor chip

Bare Au chip 

SPR sensor chip Xantec

High grade

3D (하이드로겔) 센서 칩

Carboxymethyldextran hydrogel chip (CMD)

Polycarboxylate hydrogel (HC)

Streptavidin modified hydrogel chip (SAD)

NTA derivatized hydrogel chip (NID)

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 (C19RBDHC30M) for COVID-19

SPR reagent


버퍼 & 고정화 키트

Amine coupling kit (NHS/EDC, blocking solution)

Immobilization buffer: Acetate buffer (pH3.5~6.0)

Running buffers I:  1x PBS & HBS

Running buffers II: 1x PBST & HBST (including Tween20)

Regeneration buffers: NaOH & Glycine-HCl