Most Reasonable Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors of icluebio


Compact SPR biosensor
Your first affinity monitoring tool

Most reasonable price
2 channel

Measurement software
From biosensor development to kinetics evaluation

Academic device for bio/biopharma field

iMSPR-Pro (Coming soon)

semi-Auto SPR biosensor

including manual injector, peristaltic pump, and degasser

2 channels with 2 types of mode selection

(independent and continuous mode)

convertible with autosampler

professional device for bio/biopharma field


SPR biosensor

The widest application field

From liquid to gas

2 channel

Customizable system

Measurement Software

iMSPR-Mini Measurement software offers an intuitive and easy-to-understand research solution. Additional SPR band images and corresponding SPR curves help to directly interpret the sensorgram graph based on the biomolecular interaction.


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